TMJ disorder is medically known as temporal mandibular joint disorder. It is called TMJ because the temporal mandibular joint and muscle surrounding the joint are sore and inflamed. It is unknown what the actual causes of TMJ may be, but most often it is due to grinding of the teeth (bruxism) at night. Trauma, excessive gum chewing, arthritis, over bite, clenching from stress or anger are other causes.

Dentists often use occlusal splints (night guards) to aid the TMJ from damage due to bruxism. Chiropractic treatments are also effective in re-aligning the TMJ. Often is the case where a night guard and chiropractic treatments are both used to aid in the recovery of TMJ disorder.

Chiropractic treatments of TMJ consist of light adjustments to re-align the joint, ultrasound and e-stim therapy to reduce muscle spasms and swelling to the joint and the muscles around the Temporal mandibular joint.

TMJ syndrome typically starts out as jaw stiffness and tightness. If you suffer from TMJ pain, stiffness or tightness do not let it go. Call today to schedule a chiropractic exam at one of our two York, PA offices. West York, 767-4151, and now in North York, 885-0832.

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