Back pain (dorsalgia) is pain experienced in the back from acute to chronic, and can be arising from the bones, joints, muscles, or nerves. It can be a dull ache in nature or a sharp stabbing pain. It can be isolated to one area or it can radiate to other areas. It is second only to the common cold in the number of work days missed in a year.

Back pain usually subsides with in 48 hours and is typically a pulled muscle. Some serious symptoms that immediate medical attention should be considered are: High fever, bowel or bladder incontinence, trauma, history of cancer, progressive weakness into one or both legs, severe pain.

Recent government studies revealed that chiropractic treatments are the most effective initial course of treatment for low back pain. Therapeutic modalities such as electric stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, spinal traction, massage therapy, and stretching therapies are very effective in reducing inflammation and muscle spasms. Gentle spinal manipulations aid in freeing joint fixations in an injured joint. Spinal x-rays may be needed to determine the origin of back pain, and at the West York, PA Chiropractic Athletic Center, a modern digital x-ray machine is on site.

Back pain usually starts out as stiffness and tightness. If untreated, the muscles can spasm causing compression or mis-alignment of the spine. Compressed discs or spinal degeneration typically do not occur over night. It’s typically from years of neglect, and untreated trauma. If you have Low back pain, stiffness or tightness do not let it go. Call today to schedule a chiropractic exam at one of our two York, PA offices. West York, 767-4151, and now in North York, 885-0832.