Neck pain can be caused by many mechanisms. It is often called torticollis, cervical strain, cervicalgia, strained neck, pulled neck and more. The most common cause of neck pain is improper sleeping patterns. It�s recommended to sleep on your side or back, but NEVER sleep on your stomach. Car accidents are another major cause of neck pain. Many people do not have neck pain for up to 24 hours after an auto accident. What may seem like a minor fender bender can sometimes cause severe damage to your neck and spine. It is always recommended to get a physical exam after any type of auto accident.

Chiropractic has success in treating many causes of neck pain by identifying mis-aligned vertebrae (through x-rays) and re-aligning them through light manipulations (adjustments). In most cases the muscles are very tight and sore when the neck (cervical spine) is mis-aligned. Therapies such as ultrasound, e-stim, heat, traction, massage, and many others are often used prior to an adjustment to loosen the associated tight muscles. Neck pain can usually be corrected without drugs or surgery, but in some severe cases such as herniated discs, surgery is the last resort.

Neck pain usually starts out as stiffness and tightness. If untreated, the muscles can spasm causing compression or mis-alignment of the spine. Compressed discs or spinal degeneration typically do not occur over night. It is typically from years of neglect, and it’s usually from untreated trauma in the past. If you have neck pain, stiffness or tightness do not let it go. Call today to schedule a chiropractic exam at one of our two York, PA offices. West York, 767-4151, and now in North York, 885-0832.

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